Navigating the Grounds

I've tried several approaches to assist in a visualization of the asylum in its parts and as a whole.

Labeled aerial views provide the easiest way to gain a three dimensional sense of the place.

A 1967 map and a 2012 satellite image are the easiest way to grasp the overall layout. Major demolitions and surviving buildings are detailed on the same page.

To swoop a little closer, the grounds are divided into four sections, each represented by an old aerial detail, a recent satellite detail, and a map detail. These pages also include direct links to photos of each building from that area.

Note that most photographs will click-to-enlarge.

Individual building pages:

Original Building (Female Department) (1859-1969)

Male Department (1872-1975)

Gate House (1879-present)

Water Tower (1896-present)

Fletcher Hospital (1897-1988)

Edwards Hospital (1905-1988)

Noble Lodge (1916-2013)

Burns Cottage (1900-1988)

Clinical Pathology (1912-2000)

Potter Cottage (1898-1975)

Monroe Cottage (1902-1976)

Industrial Building (1919-2005)

Van Deusen Hospital (1908-1998)

Herman Ostrander Building (1927-1998)

Chapels (1891-1950, 1965-present)

Administration & Quadrangle (1942 to 1952 – present)

Mary Muff Tubercular Hospital (1940-present)

Linda Richards Nursing Hospital (1931-present)

Laundries (1916-1948-present) 

The Safety Department (? - c. 1939)