Potter Cottage (1898-1975)

The east-facing front and north end of Potter Cottage. The Female Department is visible on the left and Monroe Cottage on the right. (Scanned from "The Siggins Album," courtesy of the Local History Room of The Kalamazoo Public Library.)

The front, straight on. Monroe Cottage visible behind and to the left.

The south side of Potter Cottage. (From "Images of America: Kalamazoo, Michigan" (Arcadia Pub., 2002))

Two views scanned from "Picturesque Kalamazoo" (E.E. Labadie; printed by Kalamazoo Publishing Company, 1909)).

1959 aerial view: The Female Department and Monroe cottage at the top, Van Deusen Hospital at the lower right. (Courtesy Western Michigan University Archives & Regional History Collections)